Mapping is a lot more than just lines drawn on paper. It’s one of our oldest ways of describing the world around us. Every map ever drawn is an expression of someone’s perception of the world, and just like each person is different, each map is different, and shows us a glimpse of someone else’s life. That unique quality is the reason I’m so drawn to maps, because no two people would ever draw the same thing. That’s how I approach each project, and the opportunity to create something so unique and so personal really inspires me to do my best work. I’ve always believed in precision, in quality, in hard work, and in all the little details that come together to make something really beautiful.

I went to school at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and focused on two of my passions for my degree: human geography and history. I have a very strong draw to these subjects, however the past few years since graduating have seen me floundering in finding ways to use them. My other passions, travel and art, have been used in differing degrees: I’d been on numerous trips in the past few years, but hadn’t done enough to document them or explore them artistically. I began drawing maps as a way to express myself artistically, to remember the places I’ve been, and to stay creative while at a job that did not value creativity. I found that I loved the medium and technique, and also ended with a very fine product, which my friends and family encouraged me to develop.

After much deliberation and preparation, I decided to resign from my salary job and pursue a career as an artist drawing maps. I founded the J.Peters Fine Mapping Co. in September 2014 in pursuit of creating unique, high-quality, hand-drawn maps. I strongly believe that a healthy society need to create and share quality goods, that last a long time, enrich our lives, and bring us together as a community. This is my effort to create, learn, and contribute.

My name is Joshua Peters, and I draw fine maps.